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Within the last couple of years, the laws and regulations in the transport industry have changed significantly and they continue to change. The new rules are affecting how carriers do business and maintain their profit margins.

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Our Values

To be a leader in Safety and Compliance.

Our Vision

We are value-driven, everyday on every road.

Our Mission

To teach the skills businesses need Safety & Compliance.

Our Company

Over 40 years experience in the trucking industry.

Training & Education

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Clear Language

Training of all staff that offer for transport or handle Dangerous Goods, (drivers, dispatchers, and cross-dock and warehouse personnel) would benefit, and be compliant, with this TDG seminar. This course includes handbook and a certification card good for three years. All being delivered by a certified instructor with over 7 years background in the Transportation of Dangerous Good.

Hours of Service

(555/06, 395)

Our in-class training session for the current Canadian Hours of Service regulations along with, if needed, the USA’s Hours of Service. This seminar is a necessity for companies who want to run compliant and do away with unforeseen infractions. Training will include a Power Point presentation, hand-outs and a sensible relevance of regulations. Participants will be given a knowledge verification tests, which will be corrected to 100 % (to be added to the companies training files), and will be provided with a certificate of achievement.

Cargo Securement Training

Every drivers file needs to have pertinent information in their file. This information needs to be available to any governing agency or your insurance company, wishing to see that information. The files are set up and monitored by Trans-Corp Safety Consultants Inc.

Cargo Securement is very important especially for flatbed drivers. Regulations in the USA and Canada very. What is not Out of Service in USA could be OOS in Canada. Van and reefer operators need to understand the weight and how it is distributed on the Trailer. NSC Standard 10 and Regulation 363 are taught to the operators of both Van and Flatbed.

PDIC, Defensive Driving Course

Preparation of full collision report with collision details, witnesses and officer statements (incident report), preventability, root-cause findings and recommendations.

Collision History and review of all collisions and reports filed for future MTO audit. Report will identify trends, problem areas and solutions. A review of CVOR Level II Abstract to address problem drivers or situations. Trans-Corp will assist the company with the DOT Collision Registry and Non-DOT registry.

The instructor received his PDIC certification in 2010. Defensive Driving should be administered after a Ticket or Collision, regardless of fault. The company will receive an improved driver and the insurance company will appreciate and hold onto the certificate (copy) as well as the company for due diligence.

Pre-Trip Inspection Training


Trans-Corp Safety Consultants offers a full refresher course on proper Pre-Trip inspection of all Classes including air-brake knowledge and inspection. The course, consisting of in-class instruction and hands-on instruction will deal with today’s new regulations, including who the driver has to report to should he/she have a Minor or a Major Defect.

In-Cab Driver Evaluation or Pre-Hire Evaluation

Our on-road risk assessment and evaluation of driving skills is conducted by a certified instructor. Class A or D on-road evaluation will take approximately 3 hours and will consist of pre-trip knowledge along with driving skills, brake adjustment and post trip knowledge. The report will be in a score risk assessment, areas of concerns and driver’s weaknesses in terms of potential need for re-training. A “Drive Along” is also a valuable way to recognize the skills of the driver along with their professionalism and attitude towards the public. (3 hour minimum)


Completion of the C-TPAT application, as well as the PIP application, is the future of the transportation industry. The application, procedures and vital policies which are needed to become C-TPAT approved. The drivers seminar on the new C-TPAT and PIP procedures, are another vital part of this new cross border venture. C-TPAT Audits take a few hours to complete, along with a report to show non-compliance and give the operator the opportunity to rectify any inconsistencies.

Downhill Braking

Loss of brakes is one of the most fearful and destructive events that could happen to a driver. The instructor will evaluate the driver first in truck and assess the root problems. The instructor and driver will proceed with in-class presentation. After which the instructor and driver will return to the vehicle to re-assess and train further on the fundamentals of down hill braking. Up to, three drivers per lesson.

Fuel Economy

(FleetSmart: Master Trainer for National Resources Canada)

In today’s economic world, fuel is one of the most expensive items in the industry for a carrier. Our in-class presentation is geared to drivers who need to understand the value of fuel and the damage that can be caused to our environment. After in-class training, the drivers are re-assessed and re-trained in truck on many different aspects of fuel economy including engine, gears, RPM, vehicle momentum, down shifting techniques, engine brakes and progressive shifting.

Driver Safety Meeting

During the safety meeting, presentations will be given to all drivers in attendance. The presentation will be created to address the fleet’s areas of concern regarding on-road performance, fuel economy, public perception and regulations, SMS and CVOR Level II problem areas. The presentation will include PowerPoint presentation, handouts and knowledge verification for further use for an MTO or DOT Audit. Participation Certificates will also be handed out.

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Our Difference

Martin Cowie CDS, the owner of Trans-Corp Safety Consultants, has over 40 years with an A-Z Licence with no collisions or infractions. His experience with Safety and Compliance goes back 18 years

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Trans-Corp train drivers and company the knowledge they need to stay compliant, safe and educated

Trans-Corp Safety Consultants have over forty years experience on and off the road in the trucking industry. We care about all drivers on the road.

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We teach in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.

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We teach you to become a confident and knowledgeable driver.

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We teach companies and drivers to excel and lead by example.

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Trans-Corp Safety Consultants teaches companies and drivers the knowledge they need to lead by experience with safety and compliance on the road,

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